SucraDrops 2 x 4 oz Bottles of Premium Liquid Sucralose Sweetener, Free Travel Size Bottle


Quick Overview

SucraDrops Premium No Calorie Liquid Sucralose Sweetener is a convenient and easy way to sweeten beverages like coffee, tea, drinks, protein shakes, or foods like yogurts and sauces among many food products. It can also be used to cook or bake with.

SucraDrops liquid sucralose sweetener comes in 2 convenient sizes, a 2 and 4 ounce bottle. With any order placed you will also receive a travel size bottle, the perfect size to put in your purse or pocket absolutely free and yours to keep.

The sucralose used in SucraDrops is of the highest quality available in the marketplace. It is important to note that what matters more, is not the concentration of the sucralose, but the level of quality of ingredients used, and the manufacturing process. This in turn will give you the purest form of sucralose.

All SucraDrops products come in a cobalt blue glass bottle that ensures an optimal storage container, and a rubber bulb glass dropper that provides precise and consistent usage.

When using SucraDrops, 1 drop equals 1 tsp sugar. The 4 oz bottle has approximately 2,720 drops.