As sweetness is a perceived sensation, we suggest starting at the lower drop count equivalents in the measurements below, and add additional drops if needed.

Here is an approximate equivalents chart.

SucraDrops – Sugar

1 Drop = 1 Teaspoon

10-12 Drops = 1/4 Cup

20-24 Drops = 1/2 Cup

40-48 Drops = 1 Cup



2 thoughts on “Equivalents

  1. I have been a big Splenda fan ever since I became a diabetic I wouldn’t try a thing to change my granddaughter found this and I said I would try it well I’ve been on it ever since I told her to order this that day and I’m ordering again so you can see I really like it now I’m fixing to start cooking with it people if you. Haven’t tried this try it use this it’s great you will love it there is no after taste it’s great thank you for a great product Polly thomas

  2. I love this product. I’ve been using it for a few years. The bottle last a very long time because you only use a drop or two. I love it so much that I’m ordering before mine is all gone. I would be lost without it. I recently found a happy coffee company that has helped me to lose a lot of weight that I’ve tried so hard to lose. My Sucra Drops go right along with it. Thank you for Sucra Drops!!

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